British woman gives birth in coma, can't remember giving birth!

emma mynorsA British woman delivered a child in coma but lost any memory of even being pregnant at the first place as she gained consciousness a fortnight later at the hospital. Emma Mynors, 23, was rushed to a hospital after falling unconscious with pneumonia and suffering two strokes. Two weeks into the coma, she began to go into labour prematurely at 29 weeks, The Sun reported. Nurses carrying out a routine examination of Mynors noticed that she was delivering a child. She gave birth to a baby girl naturally.

However, when she awoke two weeks later the hospital staff handed her the infant and explained what happened. Emma said: "The nurses were congratulating me. I didn't know what they were talking about." "I remembered I was married and had a son but had no idea I was pregnant. I hadn't consciously pushed or had a contraction, yet my little girl was here and healthy. It seemed like a miracle."

Source: IANS

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