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Breast milk or bleach can’t cure COVID-19 infection: Other false claims to stay away from

Pumped breast milk is being sold as a miracle cure for COVID-19. Don’t pay heed to these claims.

From bleach and breast milk to silver solutions, rumours are rife about the miracle natural cure of COVID-19 infection. Here, we help you separate fact from fiction.

Written by Saswati Sarkar |Published : April 15, 2020 9:33 PM IST

Scientists and doctors are striving hard to find a vaccine against the novel coronavirus and effective ways to reduce the death toll of the infection that it gives: COVID-19. Though many treatment options and vaccines are at the development stage, plenty of false claims about COVID-19 cure are doing the rounds on social media and news platforms too. Many of these false miracle cures can have dangerous health impacts. Now, the latest rumour about a magic potion for COVID-19 is this: Breast milk contains COVID-19 antibodies.


There's no supporting evidence for the claim that breast milk can help in curing COVID-19 infection. Doctors have debunked the myth saying that the existence of coronavirus antibodies isn't backed by science yet. Despite that, people continue to believe that breast milk can boost their immunity against this infection and help them recover fast. The truth remains, adult consumption of breast milk has no proven health benefit. Instead, it may result in a number of illnesses, observe doctors. However, some studies are underway about the efficacy of breast milk against COVID-19 infection. But the result is supposed to take months, even years. As of now, experts are of the opinion that even if it is found that breast milk has antibodies that can beat this disease, then also, they need to be purified and concentrated before use.


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As already mentioned, there have been numerous fake claims about miracle cures of the ongoing COVID-19 infection. Here's a low-down on them.


Bleaching agents are being sold with false claims that they can effectively treat many diseases and conditions including COVID-19.They are especially harmful for kids and can lead to respiratory failure, cardiac issues and more. Chlorine dioxide, a bleaching agent, send your heart rhythms haywire, which is a potentially fatal condition. Other serious impacts include extraordinarily low blood pressure originating from dehydration, acute liver failure and abnormally low blood cell count that require blood transfusion. Mild consequences may be vomiting and other diarrhoea-like symptoms. You can use a bleaching agent ONLY to drive away viruses (including the novel coronavirus) from surfaces. But there's a way to do it: Dilute a small amount of bleach in water to clean your surfaces. But you need to wear gloves and protective eye gear while doing this.

Silver Solution

A liquid with specks of silver can be has long been touted as a dietary supplement. Now, it is being promoted as a natural treatment for COVID-19. Silver, unlike zinc (which can be used in small amounts for boosting immunity), isn't an essential mineral. It can cause a cosmetic condition called argyria where your skin turns blue-grey. Moreover, silver can reduce the efficacy of certain drugs and treatments.

High doses of vitamin D

Research suggests that vitamin D has immune-boosting effects and experts are of the opinion that revving up your immunity will reduce your risk of COVID-19 infection. This school of thought emanates from general wisdom in the field of medicine. No scientific evidence says that it can cure the infection caused by novel coronavirus infection. A British Medical Journal report showed that taking vitamin D every day helped people deficient of the sunshine vitamin, reducing their vulnerability to respiratory infections. However, ingesting a lot of this vitamin once a month didn't have any beneficial impact. What remains to be noted here is that the report talks about the risk-reducing benefits in vitamin D deficient people only, not others.

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