Breast Cancer Survivors meet at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

YogaIndraprastha Apollo Hospitals today organised a Breast Cancer Support Group Meet to extend counselling and emotional support to women suffering from breast cancer. The event witnessed a group of young women who came forward to talk to each other, some who were done with their treatment, some who were undergoing and others who have been newly diagnosed. Over 30 Patients in the age group of 25-30 years gathered with their spouse and relatives to support the cause.

Other proven methods of meditation, yoga, spirituality and strong belief in oneself were discussed by masters in these fields, followed by a talk from the representative from Brahma Kumari's. The session started with an inspiring talk by Sister Rama from Brahmakumari's Centre which was followed by young survivors and patients discussing and sharing their eye-opening life journeys. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ramesh Sarin, Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology, said, 'We are taking regular steps to ensure that we spread awareness on breast cancer. This meet is an effort to help women connect with each other to share experiences and spread the strength, counsel and support each other emotionally.'

Stressing early detection Dr. Sarin said, 'Breast cancer is a preventable disease when diagnosed and treated in early stages. A change of lifestyle, healthy eating and regular exercises can help in preventing it. Women should begin self-examination at 20, should go for clinical examination after 30 and opt for mammography after 40 years of age.' One of the breast cancer survivor 33 year-old, Ms Shruti Sharma Anand, a fashion designer by profession, put on display some bright & colourful scarves and hats. Doctors, surgeons, medical oncologist, radiation oncologists, radiologist and pathologists were also present to support them. (Read: Can yoga cure diseases?)

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Dr Sarin added, 'With a sharp rise in the number of cases of breast cancer in younger women aged 25-45 yrs., breast cancer is no more a disease of the elderly. In case of young women, they have unique psychosocial and medical issues, and for the many young women who will be considered survivors of their disease, this will mean confronting major and often rapid physical, emotional, psychological, and financial challenges that will affect their lives for many years and probably for the rest of their lives. The need of the hour isempathy & emotional support and a common platform where these women can meet and talk their heart out.' Such frequent meets will be organized in future too, to create a platform to discuss problems and share doubts, experiences, create positivity and build bonds of friendship. (Read: 13 health benefits of yoga that will boggle your mind)

How does yoga help prevent cancer?

I always tell people that yoga is a way of life. So it's more about following set patterns rather than employing specific techniques. For an instance, we insist that everyone should eat right, eat on time, sleep on time and do some form of physical exercises as a part of their daily routine.

To live the yogic way and to be able to set a suitable pattern to one's lifestyle one must first eliminate the structural defects or 'kleshas' from one's life. There are five kleshas one need to get rid of.

  • Avidya or ignorance
  • Asmita or ego
  • Raga or attachment
  • Dvesha or detachment
  • Abhinivesha or fear of change

The reason we should all destroy these kleshas is that the lack of these qualities helps us remain in a balanced and a positive state of mind. So, it's not just cancer that yoga can prevent but any illness that is not hereditary. If a certain illness is hereditary though, yoga can still be used to control it and keep it under check. (Read: How yoga can help you cope with the cancer challenge)

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