Brain and mental health awareness exhibit in Mumbai

The "Exploring Brain and Mental Health" learning sessions and exhibit will also have a specimen and models of the human brain at the Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai.

The human brain has been central to the primacy that humans hold in the evolutionary chain. Yet, for a long time, mental health issues in India have not attracted the same significance that other health issues have received. Fortunately, not any longer. Mental health and mental illness issues are now passionately discussed with increasing frequency in medical literature and the media. In order to accentuate the awareness and importance of mental health issues among the public, Nehru Science Centre, in collaboration with McLean Hospital, USA, and Dr N.S. Vahia Foundation, Mumbai, is conducting Exploring Brain and Mental Health learning sessions with a specimen and models of the human brain at the Nehru Science Centre, from February 11 to February 17, 2019 (11.30 am to 05.30 pm).

Simultaneously, an exhibition by McLean Hospital and other NGOs will impart information and spread awareness on destigmatizing mental illness, which unfortunately ails our society. Topics of relevance to people across all ages will be discussed at a series of lectures by eminent speakers like Dr Y Matcheswala, Dr Kersi Chavda, Ruksheda Syeda, Dr Sagar Mundada, Dr Anjali Chhabria, Dr V N Vahia, among others. There will be several topics that will be discussed-- related to mental health coping with bullying at school, depression, ADHD, mindfulness, anxiety, issues of relationships, personality disorders, learning disabilities, internet safety, addiction, dealing with personal and professional stress and other topics. There will also be demonstrations by experts on brain health and its impact on mental health.

McLean Hospital is the largest psychiatric affiliate of Harvard Medical School known for psychiatric care, conducting innovative brain research, and providing professional and public education. The Dr. N.S. Vahia Foundation is a not-for-profit NGO to provide global standards of medical care to the mentally ill in India. Participation at the event is complimentary.

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