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Bobbi Brown has had enough of contouring and hopes the world goes to 'simpler, more real place' with makeup

World renowned makeup professional Bobbi Brown wants a world with "no contouring" beauty trends.

Written by Agencies |Published : October 9, 2016 11:40 AM IST

World renowned makeup professional Bobbi Brown wants a world with "no contouring" beauty trends. The 59-year-old make-up artist , who founded her eponymous luxury cosmetics brand in 1991, which was bought by Est e Lauder five years later, has admitted she hopes beauty trends return back to a "simpler" style where the contouring craze, which uses shadowing and highlighting to define the facial features, is long gone. "With make-up, I hope we're going to a place that is simpler and is more real. I can only hope it's a place with no contouring," quoted her as saying. And the beauty mogul believes she didn't "invent" something new, but simply discovered a "new way" to apply make-up. "I didn't invent anything; make-up has been around for forever. I just created a new way to wear it on your skin, how to apply it, how it feels and how it smells," she said.

This makeup technique took the world by storm for defining and highlighting certain features of the face, especially after Kim Kardashian said that she used contouring as well. Besides Kim, a number of other models and actresses, makeup artists, beauty bloggers and even regular people have adapted this technique as it is known to hide flaws and bring to focus the best features of your face, if done correctly. As is the case with all makeup trends, not everyone was able to master it though. Here are a few contouring mistakes that Indian women make. If you are still a newbie and want to try contouring here is are types of contouring you can try and a step by step contouring guide.

Contouring typically uses a foundation, highlighter, concealer, bronzer and blush in strategically placed areas of the face to achieve a sculpted look for the face. Across the world, make-up enthusiasts have decoded Kim Kardashian's look and even tried their own version of contouring.

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