'Bio Sure UK' develops a self-test kit for diagnosis of HIV-AIDS

Scientists for long now have been trying to develop easy method for diagnosis of diseases like HIV AIDS. Handy glucometers that assess blood glucose within a few seconds were a one of the most useful inventions as monitoring blood glucose levels was made easy and quick and could be done at home.

Scientists from Britain have now developed a HIV self-test kit that gives results in less than 15 minutes and can be performed at home. These kits have already hit the market. The kit was developed by 'Bio Sure UK' and can be easily purchased online . It works on the line of pregnancy kits and measures the antibodies in a person's blood. (Read: HIV diagnosis -- 5 tests to detect a recent HIV infection)

The device analyses a small droplet of blood, taken from the finger-tip using a lancet. Two purple lines denotes a positive result. The company recommends attending sexual health clinics for advice and further blood tests, if both lines appear. According to health officials, an early diagnosis will help people get a treatment soon and also prevent serious complications. (Read: 33 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about HIV)

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