Bihar's Conjoined Twins: Mother doesn't want them separated

Rabiya Khatoon, the mother of conjoined twins Saba and Farah has written a letter to the Supreme Court bench asking them not to separate her daughters. The letter to Justices K S Radhakrishnan and Dipak Misra, the twin's mother Rabiya Khatoon said, "I humbly request you that I don't want the operation of my daughters to be done." The letter also said the she was worried about the health of the twins since their treatment at Apollo Hospital in Delhi. They requested the court to arrange monthly financial support to take care of Saba and Farah.

Attorney General G. Vahanvati is assisting the court in the matter. The court s direction came on a public interest litigation by Aarushi Dhasmana, a student of Symbiosis Law School in Pune, who said she wanted to help Saba and Farah by exploring the possibility of separating them surgically. An earlier report by the doctors said the girls would have to undergo a series of surgeries before two could be separated. However, the report said that in any case only one the two conjoined sisters would survive. Dhasmana in her petition has said she came to know about the pain and agony of the twins and their parents via internet. Parents of Saba and Farah have made fervent appeals for mercy killing of their daughters if all options to separate them fail at all levels.

However, Dhasmana s petition has said that in case surgical procedures were not possible for separating the twins, the state be directed to permit the twins to exercise their natural right to die with the consent of their parents with utmost safeguard of obtaining prior permission of the president of India.

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There was a similar case in Betul recently, where the conjoinedtwins were successfully separated. But the scenario was different because of their age. While the Betul twins were just one year old, Saba and Farah are 16 leading to more complications.

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