'Bigg Boss 8' winner Gautam Gulati struggles with time management

Guess who is having problems managing his time? Gautam Gulati!

Bigg Boss 8 winner and TV personality Gautam Gulati is certainly living the life of a star, however it is hectic and at times stressful. Suddenly time management is a problem. I've to juggle between various events and my regular regime and personal life. I can't allow any of this to suffer, he said.

Now Gautam has a marketing team on board, and yet there is a lot of strain. However, he isn't complaining. It's very nice, very pleasant now. After 'Bigg Boss', I am recognised and treated well. When I meet film producers, they are good to me. The big stars also meet me warmly, so I can't complain," said the actor, who has even signed two films.

While I was inside 'Bigg Boss' I never knew how I was being perceived. When I was being calm and restrained, I was only being my natural self. It was only after I came out that I got to know I was liked for being the person I am, confessed Gautam. He has however not been able to keep in touch with his friends from the show.

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We all got busy with our own things. I barely have time to get through all the commitments each day. I am not able to see as much of family and friends as I'd like to. But I am enjoying every minute of this new phase in my life, he said.

Are you having trouble managing your time too?

Follow these rules for a happy and productive day:

Start your day early: Get into the habit of waking up early and don t be tempted to press that snooze button, to begin with. With time and the conscious effort, your sleep cycle will be on track. Here are more tips to help you become a morning person.

Prioritise your day: Some smart planning could really save your day. Keep the most important and probably time consuming tasks to do at the beginning of the day so that you don t have to struggle to finish majority of the tasks remaining in the list. This will cut down on stress considerably. Here are seven quick ways to de-stress yourself.

Minus all distractions: Keep your mind clear of any unnecessary chatting or gossiping at least during the time you have allotted for your task. Reduce the habit of taking long and unwanted breaks. It Is likely to make your lazy and prolong your work.

Don t give into emotions: It s best to not entertain your mood swings or emotions during crucial working hours. Try and keep emotions in-check as much. However bad feelings at work can at times be good too, know how.

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Image source: TheGautamGulati/Twitter

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