Bhindi can make your ice cream last longer!


This interesting study published in the Journal of Food Science, shows that okra or bhindi, as it is popularly called in India, can help you store ice-cream for a longer time. According to the study, water extracts of the vegetable acts like a stabiliser, helping ice-cream to last longer. (Read: 8 reasons you should eat bhindi or lady's finger (Gallery))

Here's how it works: Quality of ice cream highly depends on the size of ice crystals present in them. Distribution and storage process of ice-cream causes it to melt and refreeze repeatedly. As a result, the ice crystals grow bigger in size, causing the ice cream to lose its original, smooth texture which limits its shelf life. According to the researchers, extracts of okra contain fibre that help maintain quality of icecream, its texture and consistency. It acts as a stabiliser that hinders melting, improve its handling properties, and ultimately makes your ice cream last longer. (Read: 6 reasons to eat lady's finger or bhindi)

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