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Beware – binge drinking can make you overeat a lot (almost 6000 extra calories)!

Written by Nirmalya Dutta |Published : April 24, 2014 11:59 AM IST

Binge drinking will lead to binge eatingDrinking more than three large glasses of wine can make people consume about 6,300 extra calories in the next 24 hours, according to a poll. According to the survey of 2,042 people, the extra calories can lead to weight gain 900g a week, the BBC reported.

The survey by Slimming World, which commissioned the research from YouGov, also found that about 50 per cent said crossing the threshold had made them binge on chips, pizza and kebabs. However, experts have warned that the study showed trends and not 'hard science.'

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Bridget Benelam, nutritionist at the British Nutrition Foundation, told the BBC: 'The survey is very interesting. But it is a survey and not a science study. 'It is useful as well as the hard science, to be aware of what people are thinking in the real world, to get messages out there.'

5 reasons alcohol is bad for your weight loss regime

It has way more calories than you think

The term beer belly gives us the impression that it's only beer that's causes weight gain but the truth is that all kinds of spirits are extremely high in calories. Your favourite drinks are quite high in calorie content. One small peg (30ml) of whisky has 111 calories while vodka has 55 calories. A pint of beer (330ml) has 104 calories while 120ml of red wine has 89 calories. And seldom do people stop at one drink! Read why alcohol is just horrible for your fitness regime

It promotes fat gain

Alcohol increases cortisol levels in your body which promotes fat gain, especially around the waist. Also since your body considers alcohol toxic and attempts to get rid of it which significantly reduces your body's fat-burning capacity at that particular time.

You will eat, unhealthier food

When you're drunk you'll make bad decisions and we just don't mean sex-wise. Most people end up losing the gains from an entire week by eating after drinking. Also alcohol makes you thirst which will make you reach out more for those appetisers which all add up to your calorie count. But don't fret, here are some tips to eat healthy at a pub!

It messes up your routine

It messes up the next day's workout because it takes your body a lot of time to process that alcohol. This is because the alcohol that you drink has to be converted by your liver from ethanol to acetic to acetate which then has to be released in urine. All this is done by the liver which gets diverted from its primary task of proving glucose to your body and that's why you feel nauseous the next day after drinking. Read tips to beat that killer hangover

It affects your body negatively

Drinking can mess with your digestive system which makes it harder for your body to absorb nutrients like amino acids and also hampers protein synthesis which will in turn hinder muscle grown. One study also found that too much drinking could lower one's testosterone levels as well!

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