Betul's conjoined twins: Aradhana passes away after heart attack

betul twinsFifteen days after their separation surgery and just three days after their first birthday, one of Betul's s conjoined twins, Aradhana passed away. Aradhana was doing worse than her sister Stuti and she died after two heart attacks on Thursday.

Dr Rajiv Choudhrie, medical superintendent of Padhar hospital, where the twins were recuperating after their surgery, said, "Aradhana passed away at 9:20 pm on Thursday."

Aradhana had contracted she had contracted a bacterial infection that led to septicemia, a chronic condition where the infection spreads through the blood. According to sources, she was on the ventilator. Even a high dose of antibiotics couldn't stop the infection from spreading.

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On Thursday, at around 8 pm, Aradhana had her first attack, but the doctors managed to revive her. Minutes later, her heart rate fell again, and she had a second attack. "We tried our best to resuscitate her, but we could not bring her back after the second heart attack," said one of the doctors.

The twins celebrated their birthday on July 2. The ceremony, attended by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, only saw Stuti being brought out. An uncontrollable Maya Yadav, their mother, said, "I don't know why this happened, the doctors kept saying everything would be alright. I don't know if this is my punishment. I wanted both my girls to grow up to be doctors; I cannot believe one of them is no more."

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