5 benefits of blinking which you miss out on while staring at your smartphone

A few blinks can restore your blurry vision, fight dry eyes, sore eyes and redness

Slave, that we have become to our smartphones and laptops, our eyes remain transfixed at the screen almost all the time that we are awake. Blinking once came naturally to us but now we fail to do it as our gaze is fixed on out pixilated screens. In the bargain, we are doing our orbs a great deal of damage. On an average, a person should ideally blink 15 to 20 times in a minute. But overuse and misuse of smartphones and laptops make us transfixed to the screen reducing the blinking rate to just four or five per minute. This leads to a host of eye problems like sore eyes, dry eyes, irritated eyes and blurry vision. This is why it is necessary to take a break from your computer screens and smartphones to blink regularly. If you are wondering why it is important to blink your eyes, here are a few benefits of this action that you should know:

1 Blinking moisturises the eyes: Each time as you blink it provides your eyes with clean, necessary, fresh moisture, which prevents your eyes from feeling dry and gritty. Remember, moisturised eyes are less strained and irritated.

2 Blinking enhance eye-health: Blinking prevents foreign objects from getting into the eye. Your eyelids, eyebrows, and eyelashes work in tandem to prevent foreign invasion. A blink is the final line of defence for foreign objects, stopping them from entering. Even if the foreign object enters your eyes tears will still try to flush it out.

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3 Blinking removes bacteria: Every time you blink, dust particles and bacteria are flushed out of your eyes with the old tear this helps to prevent infection, dry eyes and reduce redness due to lack of moisturiser in the orbs.

4 Blinking makes your optical surface smooth: Blinking cleans the surface of the eyes and a clean eye surface provides better sharper vision. Blinking works in the same way as the windshield on a car.

5 Blinking provide oxygen to the eyes: Blinking feeds the cells and ensures your eyes have the necessary oxygen. Tears are full of protein but they need oxygen too. Blinking regularly helps to impart oxygen to your eyes which moisturises the tear glands and improves the quality of your tears too. If your eyes don't get the adequate oxygen they would fail to stay moist and produce tears which helps in keeping the eyes clean.

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