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BB cream – to use or not?

Written by Admin |Updated : July 21, 2014 5:49 PM IST

With so many beauty brands (chemical and natural) offering blemish balm or BB cream, many are wondering whether to make this beauty must-have or not. A make-up artist will surely help in making the right decision.

Garnier, Maybelline, The Body Shop and Vedic Line are some of the brands in India that offer this cream.

Neha Khanna, celebrity make-up artist, AVON India, explains the benefits of the cream.

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'BB creams have antioxidants and minerals that are good for the skin,' she said.

Though the product can be used by all skin types, she warns those who have oily skin.

'For oily skin BB creams might not be a good idea but it all depends as different companies have different formulas. If the cream has a lighter formula, then it's better as a thick one will make you sweat in the summer,' she added.

The cream, which has many benefits like sun protection, skin brightening, hydrating, concealing flaws, blemishes and many more, can be applied every day.

'You can use it as an everyday product. The frequency also depends on the weather as in summer you avoid putting a lot of things on your face,' she explained.

Quantity depends on the brand, but generally one needs only pea-sized cream that should be applied till the neck area.

Source: IANS

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