Bandra acid attack: Preeti Rathi's condition deteriorating

According to a report in the TOI, Bandra acid attack victim s condition has deteriorated and she s suffering from bleeding in the thoracic (chest area) and her infection has worsened. She s currently being treated by a team of 17 doctors at Bombay Hospital is treating the girl. Doctors believe that she needs an urgent life-saving surgery but it s difficult to perform because of her current state.

She is still very critical. We can t plan any surgery on her till the time her vital parameters are stable, said Dr Sagar Sakle, spokesperson of Bombay hospital. Dr Ashok Gupta, the plastic surgeon who is heading the team treating the victim said, She has internal bleeding in the throat region for which we are giving her 5-6 bottles of blood every day. Her platelet count is around 50,000, which is half of what it should be. The victim's father meanwhile, is worried about saving her life. We have been running around to get blood for her. Her blood group is A positive, which is rare.

A gastroscopy procedure had revealed that Preeti had a hole in her wind pipe and food pipe. Her right lung had collapsed due to chemical pneumonitis and left lung also is working only partially.

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Preeti Rathi had come to Mumbai to join duty as a nurse in the Naval Hospital when she suffered an acid attack at Bandra station. She sustained severe burns to her face, neck, chest and arms and was critical for a few days after admission. Doctors treated her for her injuries but she had lost vision in her right eye. While she subsequently regained consciousness and could communicate only with written notes, she pleaded with the doctors to help restore her vision. She underwent stem cell therapy, where cells from her left eye were used to restore vision in her right eye. Read more about the full procedure which Dr Yasmin Bhagat, her treating surgeon explained to us.

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