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Baisakhi 2018 – 3 yummy, healthy recipes

Celebrate the harvest festival of Baisakhi in a healthy manner with these tasty treats.

Written by Kriti Saraswat |Published : April 14, 2018 10:45 AM IST

Baisakhi, the harvest festival of Punjab, is a grand celebration for Sikhs and Punjabis all over the world. Apart from visiting the Gurudwara, they also relish tasty treats, which are often calorie-laden and hamper weight loss goals. But these low-cal, healthy versions can surely keep the festive spirit in tact without the addition of extra fat. You could also try this Punjabi weight loss diet plan on other days.

Zero oil chhole

Chickpeas or chhole is a popular delicacy in Punjab and you d seldom find a Punjabi who can resist chhole bhature. But this calorie-laden dish can do more harm than good if you are on a weight loss diet. So this Baisakhi, make its oil-free version and instead of the maida bhatura, opt for whole wheat roti . Chickpea is packed with protein and also has the trace mineral manganese giving your body ample energy without the extra calories. Here are some more reasons to eat chhole.Click here for the recipe.

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Veggie-paneer parantha

Can t do without your daily dose of paranthas? Why not make them healthy too! Instead of aaloo, make a stuffing of yummy paneer and other veggies this Baisakhi. In this recipe, we use cauliflower, onions, fenugreek leaves along with spices such as turmeric, chilli powder, etc. This not just adds flavour to the dish but also increases its health quotient making it protein-rich and low on carbs unlike potato parantha. Check out the recipe here.

Apple-walnut kheer

Any festive celebration is incomplete without dessert. But, if you are health-conscious, you may be averse to eating anything sweet. Worry not, you can have this apple-walnut kheer which replaces rice with fibre-rich apple and walnuts that are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. The use of low-fat milk further reduces its calorie count. Here s the recipe.

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