Back Pain On The Rise In Post-Covid Patients: Avoid Lifting Heavy Object, Advise Docs

Back pain can not only affects your work but also peace of mind.

Experts say timely treatment and embracing a healthy lifestyle are key to getting rid of back pain post Covid recovery .

Many patients who have recovered from coronavirus infection are reporting post-Covid symptoms. If you're experiencing back pain after recovering from the infection, you're not alone. Indian doctors are seeing increasingly number of patients seeking medical advice for persistent back pain many weeks after a so-called complete recovery. But back pain is not a classic symptom of covid-19 infection.

According to Dr Nipun Bajaj, the Spine specialist at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Nehru Enclave, Delhi, persistent back pain is very common in young individuals working from home even after a complete recovery from Covid. This not only affects their work but also their peace of mind.

He said, "Although mechanical back pain is the most common pathology, psychological issues and underlying disc disease also play an important role in persistent back pain. Sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, inappropriate posture and long working hours all contribute a lot to mechanical back pain."

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How to tackle back pain post-Covid recovery

Experts say timely treatment and embracing a healthy lifestyle are key to getting rid of back pain.

"Mild covid and post-covid patients need to eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, avoid sitting in one place for long, avoid lifting heavy objects, drink lots of water and maintain a healthy height-weight ratio. Also, it is important to seek timely medical advice and not to self-medicate," said Dr Bajaj.

40% recovered patients experiencing post-Covid symptoms

A survey by Hyderabad's AIG Hospitals recently revealed that over 40 per cent of Covid-recovered patients are still having acute post-Covid symptoms, including weakness and fatigue. Many patients also reported newer symptoms like insomnia, neuropsychiatric issues among others. The survey included over three crore recovered patients in the country.

Dr D Nageshwar Reddy, Chairman of AIG Hospitals, believes that there is some correlation between irrational use of steroids and post-Covid complications.

As per the guidelines, steroids are supposed to be given to only those Covid patients who require oxygen. But among the patients surveyed, 74 per cent hospitalized patients received steroids during their Covid-19 treatment but 34 per cent required oxygen. Dr Reddy noted that further research will be required to ascertain the link.

Post-Covid symptoms reported in children

Not only adults but children are also reporting post-Covid symptoms. According to doctors in Delhi, children who have battled Covid-19 infection are coming to hospitals with post-Covid symptoms like gastric issues, headaches, brain fogging, and shortness of breath.

Doctors at private hospitals in the city are also seeing complaints of MISC (multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children), as well as delayed recovery post Covid.

Dr Shuchin Bajaj, Founder-Director, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, said that brain fogging post Covid is making children unable to remember what they studied, exhausted, stressed, and anxious. Parents might confuse these symptoms as children making excuses to not study or attend online classes.

According to Dr Rahul Nagpal, Director, Pediatrics, Fortis Hospital Vasant Kunj, some adolescents are coming with headaches post Covid recovery.

Dr Nameet Jerath, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Intensive Care, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, said that even those who were asymptomatic are having prolonged low grade fevers, weakness, headache even after recovery.

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