Babies must undergo regular vision health screening until 72 months of age

Washington, Dec 14: All children should undergo vision health screening between age 36 and 72 months - preferably every year - using evidence-based test methods and with effective referral and follow-up, suggest experts. The national expert panel to the National Center for Children's Vision Health, US, has made these recommendations for vision health in preschool-aged children. (Read: 5 common vision problems your child could suffer from)

Preschool-aged children need screening for early detection of vision problems, particularly refractive error (vision problems requiring glasses), amblyopia ('lazy eye') and strabismus (a disorder of eye alignment). 'Unfortunately, many children receive neither appropriate screening to help identify those who need immediate eye attention, nor a comprehensive examination by an eye care professional prior to beginning school,' said Anthony Adams, editor-in-chief of Optometry and Vision Science that published the study. (Read: 9 interesting things your eyes reveal about your health)

Quick diagnosis and referral to an eye care professional (optometrist or ophthalmologist) has major implications for school readiness and child development, the authors said. (Read: Expert tips to keep your eyes healthy)

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