Astro Health: May Third Week


With Jupiter influencing your Sign, you are likely to enjoy good general health. However, those of you who are suffering from old niggling problems need to remain very careful, especially with taking your medications regularly so that the problem stays in control. To improve your fitness levels and stamina, Ganesha advises you to do some exercises daily.


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Ganesha says that the only negative foreseen for you this week is a possibility of getting injured unexpectedly. Otherwise, you are likely to enjoy good general health. However, if you are suffering from some old niggling issues, they may continue, so take your medications regularly and try to find an alternative system of medicine which can cure the ailment once and for all.


Your general immune system is likely to get adversely affected this week, foretells Ganesha. Even seemingly minor ailments, involving mainly your respiratory system, should be attended to urgently with due medication as prescribed by your doctor. Carelessness in this could lead to serious complications, and then you may have to be hospitalized, so be extremely careful.


Sun and Mars are now in opposition to retrograde Saturn, posited in the 6th House. This does not sound too good for you on the health front. Now, even minor complaints need to be attended to urgently with due medication after consulting your family physician. Health issue related to respiratory system should be taken seriously. Rush to your doctor for a check-up the moment you notice a strange symptom.


Complaints related to your respiratory system and fluctuations in blood pressure need to be taken seriously and treated urgently. Avoid home remedies, unless you know someone who is an expert in it, and go to your regular physician. He may prescribe some preventive medications, which you must not neglect, as treatment in the early stages often nips the problem in the bud.


Around Thursday, Sun enters Gemini in the 10th House from your Sign, foresees Ganesha. The malefic influence of Saturn over Sun, Mars and Mercury, may affect your health adversely. There is also a possibility of getting injured accidentally. You are advised to keep your cool while driving your vehicle, or using sharp instruments such as a knife in the kitchen.


No serious health issues are likely to trouble you this week, foretells Ganesha. However, remain careful about viral infections, or the adverse affects of a sudden change in weather conditions. You stand to enjoy good general health this week. However, there is always scope for improvement, and you should start an exercise routine which will help you strengthen your immune system and fitness levels.


With regard to health, Ganesha advises you to remain careful about problems related to your respiratory system. There is also a possibility of a toothache causing concern. Moreover, you need to take care of your diet, or it may lead to a stomach upset. To improve your level of fitness, you should take up some exercise such as yoga and practice it regularly.


On the health front, you are likely to be bothered by common cough and cold for the better part of the week, feels Ganesha. This is likely to hold you back from remaining focused on your professional work consistently. In turn this may affect your overall efficiency. You need to take appropriate medicines prescribed by a doctor to keep the condition in control.


You are likely to be stressed with some seemingly tough situations. In turn this may have an adverse effect on your health. Ganesha advises you to take out time to relax and meditate to reduce the stress. Complaints related to respiratory system and joint-pains need to be treated at the earliest. Aged people who are suffering from persistent health issues, must not neglect medications.


You will need to guard against viral infections this week, warns Ganesha. Be alert about the signals being sent out by your body. There is also a possibility of your getting injured unexpectedly, so be very careful while driving or using sharp instruments. To improve your general fitness levels and stamina, start jogging every morning, or join a gym.


If you suffer from high blood pressure, you will have to be very careful about it this week, warns Ganesha. Avoid stressful situations as far as possible. Also, complaints related to respiratory system should not be neglected but should be treated promptly. You may fall prey to viral infections, so take utmost care in this regard, and visit your family physician the moment you sense that something may be wrong.


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