Astro health predictions -- September 4th Week

Virgos and Leos have to worry about digestion issues, Taureans about toothaches...Find out the prediction for your zodiac sign.


In regard to health, you are unlikely to face any major problems. Middle-aged and above having an old nagging health issue are likely to get some respite now on. With Saturn still having aspect over the sixth House, concerned with health issues, remain attentive about health issues. Be careful while indulging in physical activities.


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You need to remain careful about health here, cautions Ganesha. Diabetics need to have regular check-ups to remain aware about fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Severe toothache is to keep you worried. Meet your dentist to fix the problem. Elderly people need to be very careful while indulging in physical activities.


There is a possibility of getting into problems related to respiratory system. Consult your physician to guide you to get rid of the issue. Slow digestion is likely to spoil your mood for a day or two. Do some stretching exercise to remain physically fit. Those who are middle-aged or older need to take long, morning or evening, walks to maintain general well-being.


You are to enjoy good general health conditions here. However, those of you who are middle-aged and above need to remain careful about any old health issues cropping up again. Do not, under any circumstances, neglect your regular medications. Persons with problems related to the respiratory system need to be very careful.


Problems related to digestive system are to worry you here. Consult a doctor who may prescribe some purgative to clear your digestive system. Do not neglect the medication. If suffering from high blood pressure, avoid stressful situations and take your pill regularly to keep the issue well under control. Do some exercises regularly, especially if your job is sedentary.


Disorder in the digestive system will keep you worried. Consult a specialist physician for advice to keep your digestive system in order. Ones suffering from irregularity in blood pressure need to be much careful. You need to have a regular check up to remain aware of changes. Middle-aged ones should do some exercises to keep fit.


In regard to health, Planets indicate that diabetics need to be much careful about their food intake. Stick to diet prescribed by your physician. Have a periodic medical check-up to remain aware of any change. You need to do some stretching exercise in the mornings to keep your digestive system in order.


Association of Mars with Saturn does not sound well for your well being in general. Some issue or the other will to keep you stressed and worried. However, do not neglect even minor issues here. There is all possibility of minor issues getting aggravated. Over the weekend there is a possibility of getting injured accidentally, so be careful about it.



In regard to health, diabetics need to be careful here. Have a regular check up to remain aware about blood sugar levels. Ones having pain in joints are to suffer much. Find out some ointments which can be applied externally to keep the pain within bearable limits. If you have some niggling ailment, do not neglect medications.


Except ones having pain in the joints or having any old issue bothering you, you are to start having a respite from now on. Ones with pulmonary problems need to be much careful here. Try to avoid areas which are polluted. Also, Ganesha advises you to start a regular regimen of some kind of exercise to remain healthy and fit.


In regard to health, some minor issue or other is to keep you worried. No major threat to your well-being is envisaged here. However, diabetics need to be much careful about their food intake. Avoid eating foods with a lot of sugar content. Also have a regular check up to keep tab on changes in blood sugar levels.


There does not seem to be any major health issue troubling you. However, minor issues like common cough or cold are to harass you. Try some natural remedy to keep things under control. If you are having nagging issues like diabetes or irregular blood pressure, you need to have a regular check up to remain aware when major changes develop.

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