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Astro health predictions -- September 3rd week

Taureans watch out, Leo's avoid junk food and more predictions for the entire week by Ganesha.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : September 14, 2015 7:46 AM IST


Ganesha foreseen no serious health issue for you this week. However, the presence of Venus and Mars in Leo may prove difficult for ones having a diabetic condition. Middle-aged people need to streamline your lifestyle. Cut out unhealthy habits, make serious efforts to give up addictions if you have any, and start exercising, coupled with some meditation, for physical and mental well-being.


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There is a strong possibility of getting injured accidentally. Take care while driving your four-wheeler or two-wheeler. Also remain careful about adverse effects of seasonal changes. Those of you who are middle-aged or older need to be careful of ailments such as diabetes or blood pressure related problems. Monitor your health constantly by having regular medical check-ups.


Common cold and cough are likely to bother you a lot this week. Disorders in the digestive system too may cause anxiety to a great many of you. Take preventive measures urgently, so that the issues do not get aggravated. Besides, take good care of your diet and start doing some yoga and meditation for improving your physical and mental health.


Minor health issues are likely to bother you this week. Ganesha advises you to remain alert about any complaint related to your respiratory system. Those of you who are middle-aged or above need to be very careful about diet and lifestyle, and, if you have any existing ailment, such as diabetes or blood pressure problems, do not neglect medication.


Those of you who are middle-aged and above, and having a long-term health issue are likely to come across some alternative medicine for curing your problem once and for all. This will happen due to the support of Jupiter. The well-positioned Jupiter will also be helpful to you in maintaining good health. Still, Ganesha advises you to avoid eating junk food.


No major health issues are foreseen by Ganesha this week, but advises you not to take good health for granted. Especially do not abuse your body by consuming addictive substances. Also, in order to improve your immunity and fitness levels, you would do well to start doing yoga and meditation regularly. Those suffering from nagging old health issues will find some relief this week.


The influence of Jupiter is likely to keep you in good general health this week. Even ones with old health issues are likely to feel comfortable now. Some of you may be afflicted with mild cough and cold, while some may even catch a viral fever. These are indications that your immune system may be somewhat weak and you need to strengthen it.


The ruler of your Sign, Mars aspects Saturn, posited in your Sign and Saturn in turn aspects Mars. This may affect your immune system, Ganesha feels. In view of this, you may become prone to adverse seasonal influences. So the moment you notice anything unusual in your health, rush to your doctor to get a thorough check-up.


On the health front, Ganesha assures you that there shall be no serious issues to cause you any concern. However, take whatever action is necessary to treat slow digestion promptly. Besides, you should not take good health for granted, but, while the going is good, start routinely doing some exercises and meditation, which shall strengthen your fitness levels.


Remain watchful if you have some old health issue. Nurse this without taking any chances. Disturbance in the digestive system is likely to bother you. Look for a long-term cure. Those of you who are middle-aged or older need to start thinking of making appropriate lifestyle changes and incorporating some exercise and meditation routine in it.


This week you need to be careful about even minor health issues. There are possibilities of disorders in your digestive system cropping up. Ganesha advises you not to neglect the matter and rush to get it treated, or else the problem could aggravate and you may have to be bed-ridden for a couple of days. Otherwise, this week there is not much to worry about on the health front.


Planetary configurations this week seem to be poised to help you remain in good general health. However, ones having tendency of high blood pressure need to be more careful. Avoid stressful situations and meditate regularly to calm the nerves. Diabetics are also likely to be affected by stressful situations. Do breathing exercises to stay calm.


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