Astro health predictions — May 5th Week (2017)

Work stress is bound to get some down. You must also be prepared for season change related health problems.


Your health will be affected this week due to a clash of Titans. Moreover, the pressure of work can take a toll on your health, decreasing your immunity. You may be susceptible to infection. Take due preventive measures promptly on experiencing symptoms. Take a course of antibiotics to combat the illness.


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Your immune system will continue to be little fragile this week. Planetary positions here portend possibility of some viral infection catching up with you. In view of this, remain attentive about symptoms of the imminent trouble. Do not neglect even trivial looking issue. Act promptly with due counteractive measures.


A fairly healthy week is in store for people born under this sign. Only those who are prone to respiratory issues need to be extra careful. If you notice any symptoms, consult your doctor and get yourself treated at once. Try alternative medication as it can bring a long-term relief.


Stress and tension from workplace can take a toll on your health to a great extent. Unexpected health issues will come up and you will have to take leave from work. Take due prevention to combat the illness. Yoga and meditation can soothe the tension to a great extent.


You will enjoy a perfect health this week as your stars in the Natal chart are supportive. Only some minor health issue may trouble you. Otherwise, there is no forecast of any serious threat to your health. You are advised to maintain your good health by following a strict diet.


Planetary positions here are suggestive of a likelihood of anxiety for diabetics. Diabetic patients need to remain watchful of any erratic vacillations in sugar level. Follow the strict diet as recommended by your doctor. Refrain from foods containing starch. Walks and yoga will help. Others will have a good vigorous week ahead.


The opposition of Saturn with Sun and Mars increases your chances of falling ill. You will be prone to catching up with some serious kind of health issue. You must remain alert for any changes noticed in your body. Consult a doctor for treatment at once. Maintain a good diet.


You will not have any serious health issues here for now as your planets are positioned favorably. You will feel energetic and sprightly this week. Join a gym or a fitness center. You will have to be careful of any unexpected physical injury. You are to remain in pink of your health.



The position of planets here indicates possible trouble for those having increased sugar levels. It will be prudent if you follow a strict diet and put a total hold on sweets and sugary foods. Exercise daily and do yoga for keeping stress away. Issues related to digestion may also pose a problem.


Overall a good healthy week is in forecasted for you this week. You will have no serious concern in regard to health. However, if you are prone to slow digestion, you will have to change your eating habits. Avoid late night dinners. Do not eat spicy food from outside.


The stress of the work will take a toll on your health. This week you will have to deal with sheer mental exhaustion causing an effect on your health. Take utmost care of even minor issues. Consult your doctor and take the prescribed medication. Alternative medication can bring instant relief.


You'll not be able to enjoy good health as there will be a clash of major planets related to health. You will have to take care of any illness that can cause some trouble. Consult a doctor if you feel any discomfort. Your immunity level will be low making you susceptible to infections.

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