Astro health predictions -- January 3rd week

Niggling health issues predicted for many zodiac signs this week.


Middle-aged and above having any old health issue, need to be careful about the same. Trying alternate medication is to help in keeping things under control. Others are to enjoy good general health. However, Ganesha advises you not to take good health for granted but streamline your lifestyle, wherever necessary, to stay fit and fine.


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Minor health issue like common cough and cold are likely to bother you this week. However, do not neglect this and treat the same promptly so that it does not lead to complications. Those of you who have crossed middle-age or are older, need to take greater care of your health, and Ganesha advises you to take regular evening walks.


With regard to health, keeping your digestive system in order is likely to become difficult. Adopt healthy diet habits and have regular eating times. Do not neglect medications for already existing issues such as asthma or arthritis. You would, in fact, do well in checking out the alternative methods of treatment available and try them to see if any of them are effective.


Those of you who are middle-aged and above could be bothered by old health issues which seemed cured earlier. Take advice from your expert physician for the appropriate treatment which will benefit you in the long-term. Others are to likely enjoy good general health here. However, maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Some unexpected health issue may catch up with you this week, foresees Ganesha. However, due to the influence of benevolent Jupiter, you are likely to get the right medicine to treat the same, which will save you from further trouble. You would do well to start going to a gym or join a yoga class before things get out of hand.


On the health front this week, there is a strong possibility of catching some viral fever. You will be forced to take rest for a day or two. Getting injured accidentally also is quite possible. Not a very favorable time for health, which means you will have to be all the more careful about your diet and lifestyle.


People middle-aged and above are likely to see rise in blood pressure, due to stressful situations. Take out time to chill out and relax. Emotional disturbances can lead to disorder in digestive system. Treat this issue promptly; else it will have unhealthy effect on your ability to think clearly. Remember the saying 'Health is Wealth'.


On the health front, Ganesha foresees nothing much to worry about this week for you. However, ones having old health issue need to nurse the same carefully. There is an off-chance of meeting with an accident, so you would do well to drive your two-wheeler or four-wheeler extremely carefully, and wear all protective gear.


On the health front, Ganesha cautions you that there is a possibility of getting injured, unexpectedly. Disturbances in digestive system need to be treated urgently. Do not visit quacks for getting prescriptions even for minor looking ailments, but consult only a qualified doctor, or else you could get into bigger trouble.


Mercury among other things is also concerned with your health. Mercury transits in retrograde mode and along with ruler of the 8th House Sun. The position of planets does not present a bright picture of health. You need to be careful even about minor looking health issues and treat the same urgently.


Problems related to the digestive system are likely to bother you. Take advice from a specialist physician for getting the right medication prescribed. No serious threat to health is foreseen, says Ganesha. Those of you who are suffering from a persistent ailment such as asthma or arthritis, need to search for alternative medications that can give long-term relief.


Some persistent health issues are likely to keep bothering you mostly throughout this week. Issues related to your digestive system need to be treated promptly. There is also a possibility of getting injured unexpectedly. So be extremely careful while indulging in any physical activity, and especially while driving.


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