Astro health predictions -- December 4th Week

Most diabetics need to be watchful this week. Cancerians a likely to have good health and Leos need to be watchful.


Disorder in digestive system will trouble you. If the problem persists, consult a specialist physician for prescribing the right medication to get rid of the problem. People who are middle-aged and above need to take care of any health issue that has been troubling for long. Try alternative medicine for curing the problem.


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In regard to health, diabetics need to be much careful here. Stick to the diet prescribed by your physician. Having regular check -up will help monitor the issue effectively. Exercise and walk daily. Those who have troubles related to an irregularity in blood pressure also need to regularly check up to keep a tab on fluctuations.


In regard to health, those who are prone to joint pains will suffer. So you are advised to take care right from the beginning. Try massaging for relief. If you are having problems related to your respiratory system, treat this carefully. Try alternative medication for respite. There is no way out from this for the time being.


In regard to health, there is nothing major. You will enjoy good health. However, minor issues, like common cold and cough will bother you. Take proper care. You are advised to take preventive measures to keep your digestive system in order. Trying alternative medicine will help your cause.


You need to remain very careful and watchful about your health. Do not neglect even minor looking health issues for your own good. Take immediate actions. Diabetics and those having trouble related to blood pressure need to have regular check-ups to keep a tab on the issues.


In regard to health, the influence of Saturn over your sign will bring to fore health issue related to deficiency of Calcium. One having pain in joints need too much careful and take effective measures to keep the pain within bearable limits. Try some alternative medicine for long term cure.


In regard to health, acidic tendency in digestive system will trouble you. Watch out for symptoms and treat it immediately. You are advised to eat fiber-rich veggies and grains as a long term healing effect. There is a possibility of getting injured on the lower part of the body.


No serious threat to health is foreseen here. You will enjoy a very good healthy week. Your stars and planets are there to support you. Even ones with old health issue will get some respite here. This is courtesy the influence of Jupiter over the sixth house, concerned with health issues.



Slow digestion is likely to trouble you this time around. Avoid late night dinner and spicy junk food. Some stretching exercise in the morning coupled with yoga will benefit you. Walking will help in keeping the digestive system in order. Otherwise, it will be a healthy week. There are no major threats.


Overall a healthy week is in store for you. An old issue which seemed to have been cured in the past is likely to come up and bother you. Seek medical attention. It will be a good thing for you to try an alternative medicine for a permanent cure.


Those who are prone to stomach ailments will have to be extra careful this week as slow digestion will constantly trouble you. If the problem persists, consult a specialist physician to prescribe remedies. A sore throat may also bother you here. However, no serious kind of health issue will bother you.


Planetary positions are once again in your favor as far as health is concerned. Planets work well to keep you in good general health. There will be major illnesses. You will enjoy a robust healthy week. However, there is a possibility of getting injured unexpectedly.

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