Astro health predictions — August 4th Week (2017)

Blood pressure problems, diabetes -- the week brings with it a number of health concerns.


There will be no respite for you from the digestion disorder that has been troubling you for a long time. You need to change your medication and follow a strict diet. If you suffer from irregularity in blood pressure be careful. Have a regular check up to keep a tab on fluctuations.


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Once again you'll be troubled by acidity. This time it will be worse than it was last week. You must diligently continue your medication as it will take time to heal. Take due measures in regard to food as advised by a physician to keep the digestive system in a perfect order. Avoid inflammatory food.


No major threat is foreseen for you. You will enjoy a fairly better health condition. However, with the ensuing epidemic, you must remain careful of catching up with kind of viral infection. On noticing symptoms, rush to your doctor. Take due preventive measures and enough rest. Complete the course of antibiotic.


You may have some health issue due to the influence of Saturn over Sun posited in the 12th house. Ganesha advises you to remain careful about a health issue. Do not neglect even minor looking issue. Act promptly by taking due preventive measures, to stop the issue from taking an alarming position.


There is no major threat to your health and wellbeing. Those who have issues related to the digestive system should be careful of the food habits. Take due remedial measures as prescribed by your physician. Irregularity in blood pressure should also be attended to with care. Have a regular check up. The students who want to pursue studies in spirituality will not be able to do so due to lack of authentic resources.


Though it will be a healthy week for most of you, the ones who have acidity problem are in for some nagging issue. Acidic reflux in the digestive system can trouble you. Ayurvedic medicine will certainly help to root out the problem in the long run. Irregularity in blood pressure needs to be checked.


The heavy and hectic work schedule is likely to take a toll on your health. If you have been feeling bogged down with the heavy work, you must take some time out for rejuvenating and relaxing. It will help you to remain mentally fit. Do not neglect minor looking issue.


The week will herald good news for your health. You'll find a new cure for your long pending ailment you have been suffering from. You stand to get relief here from some nagging issue pertaining to health. You may come across useful unconventional medicine that will ensure long lasting relief.



Those who have issues with a rise in blood pressure and diabetes must be vigilant and careful of their medication and diet. Avoid too much intake of salt in your diet. Have a regular check up for good. Follow instructions of a physician about diet. Deviating from this can lead to complexities.


You will sail in the boat of good health of mind and body. You will not only be energized but also feel good about yourself. Issue related to the digestive system and acidic reflux may trouble you. If the problem persists consult a specialist physician to prescribe remedial medicine. Try alternative therapy.


The combination of Sun with combust Mars and Malefic Rahu does not spell well for the smooth functioning of your digestive system. Take due remedial measures promptly as prescribed by your physician. One having trouble with irregularity in blood pressure needs to remain very vigilant by having a regular check up.


It is not a pleasant time for those who have diabetes. There are strong possibilities of developing complications due to lack of care. You should avoid any sugary foods. Do not deviate from the medication prescribed by your physician. Have a regular check up to keep a tab on fluctuations.

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