Astro health predictions -- August 4th Week

Infections of all kinds and complications due to deficiency of nutrients are going to be major concerns this week. Watch out for even minor health problems!


Sun leaves own Sign Leo to enter an earthly mutable Sign Virgo, around Tuesday. Sun now comes under the eye of wily Saturn transiting in Sagittarius. In view of this be careful about health issues. Do not neglect even minor issues. Go to treat the same urgently to save you from complications.


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With Sun now coming under the influence of Saturn, risk about health increases. Treat even minor looking issue effectively according to the advice of your physician. Those of you who are getting on in years will have to remain extremely careful of minor issues such as joint pain, fatigue and restlessness, and get them checked up immediately.


Health issues related to deficiency of calcium are to worry you. Severe toothaches are likely to spoil your day. Visit your dentist to fix the problem. Falling prey to viral infection is a strong possibility. Remain watchful about any unusual symptoms being manifested in your body, and then take immediate medical treatment for the same.


Slow digestion is to remain the main cause of worry for you. Eat plenty of raw vegetables and whole grains. The fiber will help clean out mineral and acid build-up and keep your digestive system free of harmful bacteria. There is a possibility of viral kind of infection catching up with you. Take preventive measures promptly to prevent it.


Disorder in the digestive system may spoil your day. Try some alternative medicine for long-term cure. Influence of Saturn over Sun does not sound well for well-being in general. Hence, remain attentive about health here. Those of you who are middle-aged or over need to be very careful about age-related disorders, and streamline your lifestyle accordingly.


There is a possibility of getting affected by some viral infections. You may be down with fever and remain bed-ridden for couple of days. Take due preventive measures during initial stages to keep the issue from taking on an abnormal proportion. Ones having pain in joints need to take effective measures to make the pain subside.


With Sun now being afflicted, remain very careful about health here. You may be down with fever and may have to remain bed-ridden for a couple of days. Positive vibes of Jupiter are to help you recover fast. Ones having any old health issue are to get some respite here. Exercising regularly will improve your immunity.


With regard to health, a severe toothache can cause you a great deal of anxiety here. Rush to your dentist to fix the problem at the earliest. Diabetics need to remain watchful about their blood sugar levels. Have a regular check up to remain aware about fluctuations. Middle-aged people may need to take dietary supplements.



If being troubled since long by a health issue, you are likely to come across some alternative medicine to treat the same effectively. Others are to enjoy being healthy and physically fit enough to work for extended hours. Those who are getting on in years need to become careful about not physically exerting themselves too much.


Influence of Saturn over Sun does not spell well for remaining in good health. Some long lasting health issue can catch up with you, and cause a great deal of anxiety, so try to look for some alternative therapy to cure the ailment once and for all. Remain watchful about signals manifested in your body about which warn you about impending health issues.


In regard to health, those of you who are middle-aged and above need to be much careful about health here. Slow digestion is likely to bother you. Take due measures to keep the digestive system in order. There is also a likelihood of getting injured unexpectedly. Streamline your lifestyle and handle sharp instruments carefully.


Sun now comes under the influence of wily Saturn. This indicates that with regard to health you need to be careful. A minor looking issue can take alarming proportions, if not treated promptly. Middle-aged and above, if having an old health issue are to suffer more here. Trying alternate medicine is likely to help in keeping the issue under control.

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