Are you suffering from swine flu? Go au naturel

Is your swine flu stopping you from carrying out your real-world activities with ease? Did you postpone your important presentation due to swine flu? Then, you should opt for these home remedies and you can thank us later.

A relatively new strain of an influenza virus that causes symptoms similar to the regular flu can be termed as swine flu. It is originated from pigs and spreads from person-to-person. It is life-threatening and has claimed many lives across the globe. People from all the age groups can get affected by it and it can weaken your immune system.

You will exhibit symptoms like fever, headache, cold, body pain, sore throat and breathing problems if you have swine flu. Though, your expert will prescribe you some medications which can help you to tackle it. But, following these natural solutions can also be a good idea.

  • You can opt for basil: It is antibacterial in nature and can help you to get rid of your lung problems. Furthermore, it can also help you to strengthen your immunity. So, just chew on few tulsi (basil) leaves or have tulsi juice.
  • You can opt for garlic: It is one of the effective herbs to help you to ward off many health issues like fever and so on. It is loaded with allicin which carries out antioxidant activities in your body. it can also help you to strengthen your immunity and fight inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. So, just chew a garlic pod a day or add it into your soap or veggies.
  • You can opt for turmeric milk: It is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in nature and can help you to tackle infections, fever, allergies and enhance your immune system. So, just add some turmeric in warm milk and drink it. You will surely feel better.
  • You can opt for Indian gooseberry (amla): It is rich in vitamin C and can boost your immunity. It can help you to get rid of infections and swine flu. So, just have amla juice or eat the amazing fruit.

The takeaway message: If you are suffering from swine flu, make sure that you drink a lot of water which can help you to stay hydrated. Since you will tend to get dehydrated, drinking water can help you to eliminate toxins from your body.

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