Are you man enough to say you're ill?

Men like to hide their emotions, their fears and now - like the study has revealed - their illnesses.

The study by the Medibank 24 by 7 Health Advice Line has found that men have been keeping quiet about illness, which makes them slower to talk about serious health risks, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Four-fifths of men said that they were not badly affected by colds and fewer than one in 10 expected to be cared for by their partner.

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Telephone data showed that women are twice as likely as men to call the advice line to discuss their symptoms and ask for information.

It was found that while nearly half of women tell their loved ones when they feel ill, men are more likely to keep it a secret.

The study shows that only a quarter of men tell their partner if they have a cold and fewer than one in 10 tell their friends. More than half of men don''t take cough or cold medicine and only a third take Vitamin C or a natural remedy. (ANI)

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