Are You Immune Against Covid-19 Or Not? This New Test Can Tell You

How much is your immunity against covid? Now you can test it with this immunity test kit.

Immunity Against Covid-19: Researchers in America have developed a test by which you can measure immunity against covid-19. This test is effortless; you can also estimate protection from infection with its use. In addition, researchers say that easy access to this test will help people determine what measures they should take against coronavirus, like whether they need to get additional booster shots or not. How Will It Help Against Covid? The results, issued in the journal Cell Reports Methods, say that this test can detect the level of neutralizing antibodies. These antibodies work to protect cells from viruses. According to the researchers, antibodies targeting the coronavirus were tested in a blood sample.

Researchers Take On This Immunity Test

Hojun Li, a scientist at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US, says that many people among the general population want to know how well they are protected. "But I think this test can make a big difference in life for everyone taking chemotherapy or people taking immunosuppressive drugs for rheumatologic disorders or autoimmune diseases," Li said. Apart from this, it can be very beneficial for older adults and those whose immune response is not good. Researchers say that some people may need to get a booster dose sooner or even more for adequate protection.

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How Was This Test Designed? Will It Get Approval?

The test captures viral spike proteins that help the virus enter the body and infect cells. With the help of this test, you will be able to check the level of protection against current or future variants of coronavirus. Researchers have filed a patent on this technology, and it is expected that a diagnostic company can soon manufacture this test. However, this test has now gone to the Food and Drug Administration of America for approval.

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