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Are you an angry bird? These tips will help you calm down

Your wrath can be harmful to your health in more ways than one. We share smart anger management tips with you here.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Updated : August 9, 2018 8:15 PM IST

We all get angry or upset if things don't go the way we want but are you one who tends to get abusive and aggressive during a fight? Being an angry young man won't help you. The health impacts of anger are wide ranging, the most prominent being a high BP. So, you need to get a grip over your anger. Many factors like family issues, disagreement on something or infidelity can trigger your anger. But, one has to deal with it vigilantly. Getting frequently angry can also sabotage your relationships. Know how to tackle it.

  • Be a detective and trace your anger: Yes, you have heard it right! This is the best way to eradicate your problem. So, just take things, people or situations which trigger your anger and try to react positively towards it. Be optimistic and change your outlook for better. Don't keep on dwelling on things which are the causes of your anger.
  • Just walk away: If you happen to get angry bid adieu to your source of anger. Also, taking a walk in the garden can settle you down. Moreover, walking can be a great exercise as well. Just express your anger in a healthy way.
  • Let your punching bag be your best buddy: When you lose your temper vent it out on your punching bag. You will feel better. Or take up sports like squash and tennis which will help you to relax.
  • Writing can be a good option too: You can just grab a book and a pen and write down about the situations which make you angry. Doing this will help you to manage your anger. Write 'Keep Calm' on the paper and stick it on your wall. So, whenever you get angry just look at it and that will stop you from losing your temper.
  • You can sing: If you are angry, just try to create scores and lyrics. Whatever you compose will be beautiful even if you are not a good singer or don't know anything about music.
  • Dance, dance and dance: Lock yourself in your room, play your favourite song and just let yourself free. Dance the way you want.
  • Defuse your anger with laughter: If you are with your family just tell them some jokes and have a good laugh with them, click pictures with weird expressions and just get over it.

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