Are men really better at dieting than women?

London, Jan 3: The never ending debate of who is better, men or women, just favoured men a little bit, as a new study says that men are better at dieting than women.

What makes men better?

The reserachers have found that, men lose weight faster and it is easier for them to keep it off. Among the 1,850 adults,studied, a large percentage of men claimed that dieting is 'easy' and the statistics proved that men were better at losing weight at both long and short time scales. (Read: Lose weight with an Indian diet plan)

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How do men manage it ?

The study revealed that even if men put on a few pounds back on after achiveing their target weight, they do it gradually as compared to women. The favorite weight loss method of men was combining diet and exercise (28%) followed by walking more (23 %) and cutting out fat was third (20%). (Read: 25 fun and exciting ways to lose weight)

Where do women fall behind?

The study found that women were equally reluctant to give up on booze as an effective weight loss method as men, with a mere 13 % prepared to give up on booze. However, women stick to their 5 meals per day plan in a bid to beat the bulge where 15 % women followed the rule while only 9 % men complied. The survey revealed that women have a plus point as they tend to set realistic goals but they lack the willpower to stick to their planned diet schedule. (Read: 8 easy tips to help you stick to a healthy diet)

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