Anand Ahuja sets no-phone policy for wife Sonam Kapoor; we look at why it is the best thing for newly weds!

Keeping your phone next to your bed at night can disturb your sleep and cause other health issues!

We all know that Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor is now married! There's one thing that her husband, Anand Ahuja, wants his new wife NOT to do before bed every night- 'No phone policy'. This was laid down because it is said that Sonam Kapoor uses her phone for almost 18 hours a day!

Keeping your phone aside at night is important for sleep hygiene. The blue light on your phone makes it tougher to fall asleep, and leads to poor quality of sleep. It is good to switch off from your day at night, keeping aside the distractions.

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Tanvi Sardesai, Counselling Psychologist, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, SL Raheja Hospital, says its important to set down certain rules!

- Differentiate between your public profile and your private life. Do not put up too much of private information on social media.

- Set time limits, do not spend more time on virtual relationships than your real ones.

- Avoid using your phone during conversation or during meal times.

- Be respectful in the posts you may put up about your partner.

- Don t air your dirty laundry; do not put up posts regarding arguments you may have had or posts that may taunt your partner.

- Avoid the temptation of checking your phone and responding to texts and emails.

- Offline time for your partner should be exclusive of social media.

'Limiting the usage of social media keeps the relationship more authentic. It also makes communication less complex. Social media also has an impact on our self-esteem and our expectations. We end up comparing others virtual life with our real life. Seeing people s colourful lives and glorified relationship goals , may set unrealistic relationship expectations.'

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