All you need to know about typhus

Untreated typhus can cause serious complications, and it's fatal. It's important to consult your doctor if you think that you may it. So, don't ignore it.

A disease caused by infection with one or more rickettsial bacteria is known as typhus. It is transmitted by fleas, mites (chiggers), lice, or ticks when they bite you. Leas, mites, lice, and ticks are invertebrate animals which can be termed as arthropods. The bacteria which cause typhus can be transmitted when arthropods carrying around rickettsial bacteria bite someone. And if you scratch your skin then bacteria can enter into your bloodstream and continues to reproduce and grow in it. this can hamper your quality of life. you will feel annoying and embarrassed.

You may suffer from 3 types of typhus - epidemic (louse-borne) typhus, endemic (murine) typhus or scrub typhus. And the type will depend on what has bit you. It doesn t get transmitted from person to person. All 3 types of typhus are caused by different bacteria and arthropods.

You may exhibit symptoms like a headache, fever, chills and rash. While we also categorize the symptoms according to the types.

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If you suffer from epidemic typhus, you may exhibit symptoms like fever, rash, confusion, low blood pressure, muscle pain and headache.

If you suffer from endemic typhus, you may exhibit symptoms like a dry cough, nausea and vomiting.

If you suffer from scrub typhus, you may exhibit symptoms like a cough, rash, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes.

So, consult your doctor immediately who will prescribe you antibiotics. Also, keep following these preventive measures.

You should maintain a good personal hygiene

Rodents are known to carry arthropods so control the rodent population

You should use tick, mite, and insect repellant

You should perform routine examinations for ticks

You should wear protective clothing full sleeve clothes and shoes

Hopefully, you will be able to keep typhus at bay, if you keep in mind these smart tricks. So, take charge of your health right away!

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