Akshay Kumar throws kicks and punches in 'Gabbar' trailer

The actor performs some power-packed stunts in this film. Learn how.

The trailer of Akshay Kumar's latest film 'Gabbar' is out and he is certainly doing a lot of action-packed stunts in it. The fitness freak is 47 and can effortlessly throw kicks and punches. He even does a lot of his own stunts in his films thanks to his adventure-loving nature and a fit physique to support it.

In fact, Akshay is one of the few Bollywood actors who likes to get ripped without going to the gym. He'd rather jump, climb stairs, do martial arts, etc. than do reps and sets in a gym. And he looks fit as a fiddle even today. He's also very disciplined and likes to sleep and wake up early. Another reason Akshay is in such a great shape is due to his healthy diet which consists of natural, fresh produce rather than supplements and processed foods. Read more about Akki's fitness secrets.

Apart from his fit body, another thing that you may notice in 'Gabbar's trailer is Akshay's new look. The actor is sporting a beard and slightly longish, wavy hair in the film. Since the actor is playing an activist of sorts in the movie, he wanted an unkempt, rugged avatar to go with the character. Read how you too can sport this look.

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Watch the trailer of the film below:

Image and video source: Viacom18 Motion Pictures/YouTube

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