Akshay Kumar shares his fitness tips in GQ

Akshay Kumar is surely one of the fittest guys in B-town and for this very reason he s on the cover of GQ magazine. This edition is all about healthy living and well being and Akshay certainly fits the bill as he follows a very disciplined, healthy lifestyle.

The 47-year-old is not a gym rat; instead he loves working out in the open in a more natural setting. His idea of staying fit is to be able to run, jump, lift one s own body weight and be flexible at any age. His love for martial arts is also common knowledge. Did you know he has a 6th degree black belt in Kuyukai Gojuryu Karate?

Akshay does not have a fitness trainer yet he manages to stay healthy by staying focussed and disciplined. The actor makes it a point to wake up early and sleep on time whenever he can. He also swears by his amla juice and eats wholesome meals. Akshay is a big sucker for Gujarati cuisine and would often swap meals with Paresh Rawal whenever the two shot a film together.

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Here it is everyone, my 1st #GQ Cover! Hope you not only enjoy the cover but find my tips useful as well. #GoForIt, tweeted Akshay. Click here to know more of Akshay s fitness secrets.

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