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After shoulder injury, Ranveer Singh collapses on the sets of Bajirao Mastani

After shoulder injury, Ranveer Singh collapses on the sets of Bajirao Mastani

Written by Poorva Chavan |Updated : October 28, 2015 4:53 PM IST

All the glitz and glam of Bollywood many a times overshadows the efforts actors put in while playing a role. While Ranveer Singh has managed to look his part in Bajirao Mastani he has definitely given most women butterflies with how hot he is looking in the movie. However the role has been very demanding and his recent health battle speaks for itself.

Ranveer had injured himself on set after falling from a horse in April and now he collapsed on the set of Bajirao Mastani while shooting for an important shoot in Wai. He was already battling high fever continued shooting and was dehydrated at the end of the day which needed immediate medical attention. (Read: How to sport Ranveer Singh's bald look in 'Bajirao Mastani)

But the good news is that he is already back to shooting as he needs to finish shooting his part by November 8. He also shared his mantra to stay away from falling ill again. He said he has learntd the art of conservation from Anil Kapoor. Conservation means saving most of your energy for the camera and maintaining an optimum performance level while filming. (Read: Ranveer Singh got 6-pack abs in 6 weeks reveals Kris Gethin!)

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He has also begun resting up between shots by lying on his back with eyes shut. He said he puts on my headphones, listens to music that matches his mood, and stays in `Shavasana', a state of physical limbo. He said that this technique helps him conserve his energy and use it when the camera rolls. (Read: Ranveer singh 5 things the actor did to get ripped)

Looking at his dedication we can't wait to see is performance in the movie.

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