Adhere to these 5 habits and live longer

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help adding few more years in your life.

Everybody wants to live longer. Isn't it? Death is a term which everybody is aware of but don't look forward to meeting that devil. And, when you have all the good reasons and tricks to live longer, why to even bother about that. Here, we help you with 5 ways to add some more years in your life.

It has been confirmed by a study in the Harvard University that adhering to the below mentioned five behaviors can add 12 years in anybody's life. Also, these behaviors are known for decreasing the death risks from cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Say no to smoking: It is a common saying that smokers don't grow old, they die young. Avoiding smoking can add years to your life. Even if somebody quit smoking at a later stage like 65, they live longer. And, giving up smoking at an age of 35 can add seven to eight years to one's life.

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Maintain a healthy weight: The study has revealed that people with BMI between 18.5 and 24.9are at low risk of early death. People with above 25 BMI are considered overweight and those with above 35 are considered as obese, according to the National Institute of Health.

Exercise regularly: Being active has many benefits. It improves memory, mood and learning. According to the doctors, even a 30 minutes moderate or vigorous walk a day is enough to live longer.

Avoid binge drinking: If you don't drink at all, that's best. However, those who cannot resist it, try making it only two times a day. That will help you live the longest.

Eat quality food and not junk: According to the Harvard University study team, those who prefer whole grains over refined, and whole fruit over juices, eat higher-ranking foods like oatmeal, green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts, and legumes live longer as compared to those who do the opposite.

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