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Acute Necrotizing Encephalitis Outbreak In Kanpur: Over 30 Medical Students Down With High Fever, One In Coma

As per the woman’s husband, the video of his wife giving birth on the floor was taken by other patients present on the premises

First case was reported earlier this week when a third-year student from Barabanki was brought to LLR hospital's ICU with a high fever and severe headache, following which she slipped into a coma

Written by Kashish Sharma |Updated : September 29, 2022 10:34 AM IST

A sudden outbreak of acute necrotizing encephalitis (ANE) has been reported from a medical college in Kanpur. Over 30 medical students have been down with high-grade fever. The rare disease has affected students of GSVM medical college. Among them, seven had tested positive for the infection.

As per the medical college spokesman Dr. Ganesh Shankar, the spread of the disease on the campus might have been due to the pigs and the unhygienic conditions they caused.

According to the official sources, the first case was reported earlier this week when a third-year student from Barabanki was brought to LLR hospital's ICU with a high fever and severe headache. The student was confirmed to be suffering from the disease on Tuesday. Reportedly, the student has slipped into a coma and is currently on life support. Vice principal of the college Dr Richa Giri informed that the girl's medical tests suggested she was infected with ANE which had spread to her brain. Following her going into a coma, her parents have been informed.

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As per a senior doctor, five medical students infected with ANE have been admitted to a special maternity ward and two among them are on a ventilator. On Wednesday, following the examination of students in the boys' and girls' hostel, doctors found six more students showing similar symptoms. Among them, three were in their third year and one was in their final year. Five of the students have been rushed to the maternity ward and one has been admitted to the ICU, sources told.

The sudden outbreak of illness has gripped the college with fear. Around 20 pigs have been found dead around the campus within just four days, sources informed. A tour taken by a doctors' team found 16 more dead pigs around the campus. All of them have been buried on campus.

As per Dr Alok Varma, a neurologist serving the college, ANE is a rare disease. The MRI scan of the students showed blood clotting and swelling in the brain. Medical examination also found some unknown viruses in their body.

Keeping in mind the seriousness of the condition, the medical college administration has cancelled the terminal exams as students stand both physically and emotionally unfit for the exams.

ANE is a disease characterized by respiratory or gastrointestinal infection and high fever. The symptoms of the viral infection are followed by seizures, disturbance of consciousness that might rapidly progress to a coma, liver problems and other neurological complications. The disease is caused by both environmental factors and genetic factors.

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