Actor Sonu Sood unravels his fundas for staying fit

Sonu Sood NEVER cheats on his diet. Read on to know more

Actor and producer Sonu Sood is known for his power-packed performance in super hit movies like Dabangg , Shootout at Wadala , Happy New Year and. He has acted in multilingual films Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu and so on. Fitness fanatic Sonu s washboard abs and chiselled body have put him in the club of the fittest men in Bollywood. Sonu s fitness mantras are sure to inspire you. Here are his bodybuilding secrets.

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Action hero Sonu Sood s is into fitness since his school days. He belongs to Moga, Punjab and when he was in 11th standard, he would go to the akhadas and work out. During his college days, he started going to a gym and he had six pack abs, even back then! As per Sonu, one should have a good physic for a lifetime. Hence, fitness has become a way of life for him.

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I wake up in the morning at around 5:30 am to 6:00 am. After which, I straight away head to the gym for 2 hours. My gym sessions include 2 body parts a day and it ends with abdominal exercises. Every day, I work on strengthening my arms. I run as well! This is the fitness routine I have been following for many years. And I enjoy working with my fitness trainer Yogesh Bhateja. It works for me! I do a lot of cardio as it is important for agility and to keep you light on your toes. So, I do it at least 5 times a week, highlights Sonu.

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Sonu who always looks forward to hitting the gym says, Fitness for me is life and I keep on changing my fitness routine. I also do calisthenics, heavy weight training and cardiovascular running. When I travel abroad, especially to the US, I don't go to the gym. But, I am more into functional training and running as the weather is pleasing and the roads are good. Today, you will spot a gym, wherever you go since there is a good amount of awareness regarding fitness today.

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Age is just a number for Sonu. At 43, he enjoys reading a lot about fitness. Sonu is a disciplined eater and his diet holds a prime importance for him. I am a pure vegetarian and I eat a lot of sprouts and I only indulge in healthy food. I eat after every 2 hours and take around 6-7 meals per day. I eat in the right quantities. I avoid eating oily, junk and fried food. I don t cheat on my diet. But, when I travel to Punjab, I love eating sarson ka saag and makki di roti. But I make sure that I look for healthy eating options. And if I have to go for a party, I opt for nimbu pani and healthy starters like broccoli and so on. Today, healthy food is available everywhere.

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