8% Americans Struggle With Long Covid Or Post Covid Effects: CDC Report

Will there be effects of long covid after recovering from the coronavirus? Explains the researchers at Yale University.

What happens to the body after covid recovery: After battling covid, its effect is visible for a long time in many patients, known as long covid. In new research, a few things have come to the fore, helping us understand when and why long covid increases. The US health agency CDC report says that 8 per cent of Americans struggle with the effects of long covid after corona infection.

Research Done On 215 People

After effects of coronavirus on the human body: Two hundred fifteen people researched to understand the risk of long covid. Of these, ninety-nine were long covid cases. There were forty-four such in which covid symptoms were not seen. At the same time, there were 76 who had recovered from covid, but long-term complications were not visible to them. The most typical signs of patients suffering from long covid were nervous system problems and fatigue.

Blood Samples Of Patients

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Long covid effects on the body and health: Researchers took blood samples of long covid patients and examined them. The study revealed that the level of cortisol hormone was increased in them. When the stress hormone starts mixing in the blood, the direct effect is seen as stress on the brain for instance, feeling tired and heavy with lack of sleep.

Is Long Covid Dangerous?

Do long-term effects of covid go away? Researchers at Yale University (who conducted the research) say that the long covid is linked to stress hormones. For example, researchers say that after recovery from covid, up to 50 per cent more stress hormone (cortisol) is released in the body than an average healthy person. Hence the risk of getting long covid remains high. But, the DailyMail report says, till now, it has been difficult to tell whether the patient will suffer from long covid or not, but the results of the research help to find out.

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