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Make life go easy with HIV this way

Tips to help you manage your life better with HIV

Are you HIV infected? Follow these tips to manage your life better with HIV.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Published : September 11, 2018 8:30 PM IST

With India's HIV Prevention and Control Act, 2017 coming into force from September 10, 2018, it is expected that all those who are infected will get a better quality of life under the provisions of this law. However, maintaining a good quality of life also depends on how an individual patient can manage taking care of himself. Contracting HIV does not mean the end of life. If you are wise, follow these ways to tackle your condition and experience a healthy ageing despite being HIV positive.

Safe sex should be your first priority: Everybody should practice safe sex, irrespective of being infected with HIV or not. However, if you are HIV positive you need to be extra cautious. Using a condom during sex not only prevent the spread of HIV but also guard you and your partner from contracting any other sexually transmitted disease (STD) or developing infections.

Go and test for other STDs: You must know that getting infected with other STDs worsen your HIV. Not just that, you may have a chance of transmitting both HIV and other STD or STI to others in case you are infected with another STD on top of HIV. Hence, it is essential for you to go for frequent screening for STD as STD is asymptomatic and you may not realise if you have one unless you go for a test.

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Be careful and keep infections and illnesses at bay: HIV makes your immunity weaker and you may become vulnerable to every virus, bacteria and germ you get exposed to. It is essential for you to maintain basic hygiene and stay away from people who are infected with some germ. Make sure you don't skip any vaccination.

Go as per your doctor's order: If you are infected with HIV positive, you must follow your medications exactly as per your doctor's order. This because, skipping a day's medication may make the virus drug resistant. Make sure you always carry your medicines wherever you go.

Drugs and alcohol, a big no: Alcohol and drug abuse may lead you to immense depression, affect your cognitive ability and mess up with your body's immunity. You should be careful to not overuse drugs or alcohol to prevent cognitive impairment that often results in HIV related dementia.

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