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6 reasons you should avoid bed-tea

You think that it is impossible for you to start your day without having bed-tea. We tell you why it isn't a goof idea.

Written by Debjani Arora |Published : December 10, 2014 5:58 PM IST

Many of us are habituated to have bed-tea as soon as we wake up. However, this isn't an ideal way to start your day, both for your body and your teeth. Your oral cavity and hygiene contribute a lot towards your health and overall well-being. So, it is imperative that you brush your teeth and clean your mouth, first thing in the morning; before you decide to have any beverage, especially tea or coffee. Why, you ask? Well, here are 6 reasons its best you avoid bed-tea.

Increases the acid levels in the stomach: When you sleep, especially at night, thousands of microorganisms and bacteria infest your mouth. These organisms are responsible for the foul smell in your mouth after you wake up. So, they definitely don t do any good for your oral cavity. In fact, gulping down a cup of hot tea would mean washing down bacteria from your mouth and sending them down to your gut. This can increase acid levels in the stomach and do you more harm than good. Apart from that, there are a few foods that cause acidity as well; if you suffer from the condition, its best you know about these foods.

Disrupts metabolic activity: When bacteria from your mouth reach your gut, they interfere with the functioning of good bacteria and might cause problems in metabolism, disrupting the acid-alkaline balance in your stomach. Here are ten food items that can help you increase your metabolism.

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Increases the chances of infection: Drinking tea first thing in the morning could also be a probable cause of stomach inflammation and may lead to infections. This also means that your chances of suffering from peptic ulcers or other infections increase manifold compared to people who drink tea after brushing their teeth.

Interferes with iron absorption: Intake of tea early in the morning is known to interfere with iron absorption, which could be harmful if you are anemic or have a low iron content in your body{2}. This could also worsen conditions that interfere with iron absorption.

Increases toxin levels in your body: In general, it is advised to have a glass full of water early in the morning to flush out the toxins from your body. Having tea, first thing in the morning, only increases the amount of toxins in your blood. High levels of toxins in your blood would mean that all your crucial organs like your liver, lungs and kidneys are at a risk malfunctioning due to the toxin build-up.

Affects your oral health: When you have tea or any other stimulant that is high in acid content in the morning without brushing your teeth, the bacteria in your mouth breaks down the sugar, increase acid levels in your mouth and erodes the enamel or outer covering of your teeth. More often than not, this is a prime cause for the formation of cavities. Having tea or even food before brushing your teeth could lead to bacteria build-up that could cause gum diseases or gingivitis as well.

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