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Want to maintain normal heart rate? Try out these tips and have a healthy heart

Want to maintain normal heart rate? Try out these tips and have a healthy heart

Here are few tips that will help you avoid increased or reduced heart rate and enable you maintain normal heartbeat responsible for a healthy heart.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Published : August 27, 2018 5:59 PM IST

What exactly your heart rate is? Well, it is the speed of your heart beat that is measured by the number of times your heart pounds per unit time. There are several factors that either increase the heart rate or lower it. The most common ones leading to a spike in heart rate are fever, stress, fright, activity level, age, anaemia, use of stimulants, overactive thyroid gland, heart disease. Those that reduce heart rate are breathing, vegal stimulation (stimulation of vagus nerve by delivering electrical impulses to it), illness and medication. Doctors say, neither of these extremes are good for your heart and you should know ways of maintaining a normal heart rate which is 60 to 100 beats per minute (BPM) in normal resting adults. These natural remedies will help you keep your heart rate normal.

Go for regular exercises: Why do people who are on daily exercise have healthier hearts? Because regular dose of exercise keeps your heartbeat generally lower than any other person. This is why athletes tend to have a lower heart rate. In case you want to reduce your heart rate, you should do jogging, swimming, cycling, running and walking.

Reduce calcium intake: An increase in heart beat can be the result of excessive calcium consumption. Hence, it is ideal to reduce calcium intake in case you have increased heart beat. Instead you may have magnesium and manganese that you will derive from leafy veggies and nuts.

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Do lie down and relax: All work and no rest can increase your heart beat. Hence, you need to lie down on a pleasant surface like your bed or couch or sit on a relaxed position. Remember to relax in a room that is cosy, comfortable and not noisy. Holding this position of rest will make your heart slow down naturally, at its own pace, say experts.

Give up smoking: Smoking and consuming alcohol may let several undesirable, toxic elements enter your body, reducing your stamina level and making you work harder. This exerts a pressure on your heart and may increase your heart beat. Hence, it is best to quit smoking to manage your heart rate well.

Do not take in coffee: Caffeine is extremely active in increasing heart rate which is why you need to stay away from coffee if you are eager to maintain a normal heart rate.

Do not be obese: You need to chuck off those extra layers of fats if you want to manage your heart rate well. It has been observed that the heartbeat of an obese person speeds up at a considerable rate while climbing stairs compared to those who are not obese. Try to maintain a low-fat diet and get rid of obesity to avoid an increasing heart rate.

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