Now Hyderabad is under the grip of malaria menace

Hyderabad is seeing a whopping rise in number of malaria cases. A city based hospital has recorded around 10 to 15 positive malaria cases in a span of just two weeks.

Not just Delhi, malaria has also hit Hyderabad and the doctors have reported an alarming increase in the number of positive malaria cases in Hyderabad in the last few months. The public health experts have clearly highlighted the lack of adequate preventive measures and ignorance among public and civic bodies for rising number of cases, according to latest media report. Around 10 to 15 positive malaria cases have been recorded in the last two weeks at a city-based hospital.

The superintendent of this hospital reportedly said: "Out of the patients admitted to our hospital with malaria, all of them have completely recovered and fortunately there have been no deaths due to malaria so far."

Pointing at the need of adopting precautionary measures to avoid mosquito bites, he added: "People should mandatorily use mosquito nets, coils and creams and should also check on if the surroundings are clean and free of stagnant water that serve as excellent breeding places of the germ bearing mosquitoes."

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