These alternative therapies are opening new doors for HIV treatment

These alternative therapies are opening new doors for HIV treatment

Try out these alternative therapies to ease out pain, loss of appetite, stress and anxiety related to HIV.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Published : August 6, 2018 7:18 PM IST

Starting from a group of scientists from abroad showing the potential of rice seeds as an antiretroviral medicine against HIVto the parliamentary committee asking the health ministry to boost the process of establishing antiretroviral therapy centres for better treatment of the infected ones, HIV treatment is witnessing new dimensions recently. Apart from going the traditional healing way, several HIV patients are opting for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to get relief from certain symptoms of HIV or AIDS. Here is a list on some of them that may help improve your condition.

Yoga: Yoga and massage therapies help in curbing pain and improving the feelings of overall health. Researches have shown that yoga plays an important role in reducing stress, anxiety and depression that are caused due to the ailing state of your body. It also helps in enhancing levels of CD4 cells which are the immune cells that get attacked by HIV.

Acupuncture: This alternative form of healing may help you in tackling nausea and treating other side effects. Acupuncture, an ancient

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Chinese practice, releases chemicals in your body that can provide relief from pain.

Relaxation therapies: Such therapies like meditation go a long way in reducing anxiety and prepare you to cope with the stress of a chronic ailment like HIV.

Herbal medicine: While you got to be careful before taking herbal medicine and should consult your doctor before you consume herbs, milk thistle is one among few herbs that can boost body immunity among HIV infected patients. Also, research has shown that milk thistle does not react with the traditional medicines for HIV, although most others may. Milk thistle is known to amp up liver's function and not react with antivirals.

Medical marijuana: Loss of appetite and an upset tummy are frequent among people infected with HIV. Marijuana can not only help in curbing pain and holding back nausea but also boost up appetite. While researches suggest that marijuana hardly reacts with traditional medicine, a patient should consult the doctor before taking it as it may result in certain respiratory troubles among patients.

These supplements may help

For those who are HIV positive, these supplements can be of immense help. Calcium and vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin can make your bones stronger and fish oil can help you lessen cholesterol. Selenium plays an active role in checking the progression of HIV and whey or soy protein aids in gaining weight. Vitamin B-12 is known to enhance the health condition among pregnant women infected with HIV.

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