Archie James becomes the youngest victim of stroke within 2 hours of his birth

Archie James becomes the youngest victim of stroke within 2 hours of his birth

Shockingly, Archie James emerged to be the youngest stroke victim in UK just after 2 hours of his delivery. Although he did not breathe after he was delivered and had to be resuscitated, his seizures did not stop and had to be kept on special care unit.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : August 6, 2018 5:17 PM IST

In case you think stroke can only knock down adults, you are widely mistaken. Little Archie James from UK became its youngest stroke victim after he was hit by stroke within just two hours of his birth. The newborn had to be kept in the special care unit and on life support under hourly monitoring of the medics for three days till he recovered from the condition.

According to recent media reports, Archie did not breathe after he was born on December 3, last year following which he had to be immediately revived from unconscious or apparent death. While the resuscitation was successful, the infant started having seizures a few hours later, stated the reports. Following the sudden decline in health, Archie was shifted from West Cumberland Hospital in Cumbria to Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle that evening after being sedated.

According to a report by the Sun, the newborn's father, David, 32, said: "When Archie was born, lifeless and unresponsive, my whole world went dark." He added: "Up until this point we'd had no complications so to suddenly be faced with the prospect that our son might not live was too much to comprehend."

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Although he started breathing in sometime, his seizures showed no signs to cease. Doctors could not specifically find out if James had suffered the stroke during labour or after he was born. While they have stated that Archie has a 90% chance of getting completely recovered, they were not able to predict if the stroke has caused any long-term damage. Archie along with his mother, Emma were able to return home from the hospital after five days of his delivery.

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