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Want healthy brain for your baby? Try these out

Your baby's brain needs your soothing touch, attention and quick response to grow healthy. Try these out to ensure your little one the best brain development.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Published : August 3, 2018 5:19 PM IST

Even before your little bundle of joy steps out of your womb, would be moms are found to worry about providing the best brain and body development to the tiny one. There's no point getting anxious. All you need to know are certain tips that will prepare you to deal with your baby's brain the most efficient way. You will be amazed to know that at birth your baby's brain has as many as 100 million neurons and on his or her first year, trillions of brain-cell connections, known as neural synapses grow in the tiny brain that have immense potential. You either use them or lose them. Here are ways by which you can make your baby's brain smarter so that he or she gets rich language, reasoning and planning skills.

Converse meaningfully with your newborn: Adopt parentese and draw out your syllables in a high-pitched voice as you respond to your baby's coos. The more your vocalisations are, the more developed will be your baby's brain areas responsible for understanding speech and producing language.

Engage your baby into games that involve hand movements: By this your baby's responding power will increase which will help him or her in learning simple sequential games.

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Pay attention to what your baby points at: Do not miss to follow what your baby points at with your gaze and remark. This will enable him or her to know how important his or her interests and observations are to you.

Try and make your baby passionate towards books: Your baby's receptive language build-up largely depends on this. Draw their attention to colourful books and make noises and sounds to explain them the book's content. Encourage toddlers towards books. They will develop great receptive language skills this way.

Touch your baby often: Babies who are not touched frequently have smaller brain size, show studies. Hence, touch your baby often, gently stroke their hair and tummy, have frequent eye contacts and attract them to what you are saying. This will help your baby to perceive emotions in depth.

Go for developmentally appropriate toys: Such toys like stackable blocks boost up your baby's reasoning skills and enable your baby to understand cause-and-effect relationships and if-then reasoning.

Respond promptly when your baby cries: Nurture, soothe and cuddle your baby when he or she cries. This will enable you in building positive brain circuitry in the brain's limbic area that is linked to emotions. It will help your baby have an appropriate emotional development and provide him or her the signs of emotional security.

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