4 reasons why you must consume vitamin C for your skin this summer

Here is the magical nutrient you need for a glowing, healthy skin this summer!

Summer is not really skin-friendly and so it s time you do your bit to protect it. The magical nutrient vitamin C is sure to seal your skin against exposure to harsh ultraviolet rays.

Here is why you need vitamin C this summer

Offers antioxidants Since vitamin C offers rich antioxidants, it takes complete care of the free radical cell damage often caused due to smoking, environmental pollutants and excess sun exposure. It renews antioxidants like vitamin E to protect the skin.

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Protects from sunburns This is crucial during the summers since we are prone to sunburns. Vitamin C brings with it healing abilities and prevents the dangerous consequences of sun exposure which have chances of leading to skin cancer. Try these home remedies for sunburns.

Produces collagen This nutrient is needed for collagen production as it holds our skin together as well as our joints, cartilage, teeth, blood vessels, bones, eyes and heart. It is also important because it activates the enzymes necessary for initiating the reactions that create collagen in the body.

Gives glowing skin Vitamin C is simply magical for your skin. It ensures healthier, smoother and younger looking skin. So get your dose of vitamin C and eat up fruits and vegetables with high amounts of this nutrient. Here is what you can eat this summer.

Here is a list of natural sources of vitamin C for healthy skin.

More skin care tips for the season

Soak in milk A foot soak in milk is relieving during the scorching heat. Soak your feet in a tub of lukewarm water and six cups of milk. Do this to relax and cool your body. You will find this extremely relaxing and cooling for your body and skin. 11 DIY tips to keep your feet happy in the summer!

Spray rosewater Nothing is better than a cooling rosewater spray on your face. Store some rosewater in a spray bottle and apply it to refresh your skin as and when needed. Know how to resolve all your skin problems with these rosewater face packs.

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