3,829 cases of dengue, 502 of chikungunya in Delhi so far

As for chikungunya, 2016 saw 7,117 cases -- the highest in the last five years.

Delhi has so far recorded 3,829 cases of dengue and 502 cases of chikungunya, according to civic agencies on Monday. While the national capital has witnessed a total of four dengue-related deaths till now, no deaths have been reported due to chikungunya. The year 2015 reported the highest number of dengue cases in the city, with the figure standing at 15,867 with 60 deaths. As for chikungunya, 2016 saw 7,117 cases -- the highest in the last five years. Civic agencies said that areas under the South Delhi Municipal Corporation reported the maximum cases of chikungunya and dengue this year. Delhi has also reported a total of 552 malaria cases with no deaths so far. The figure is the second-highest after 2012 when the cases had soared to 822.

Dengue prevention:

Dengue is a communicable diseases spread by mosquitoes from one human to another. So, the only way it can really be prevented is by avoiding mosquito bites. Other measures that can be employed to prevent dengue include

  • One can make sure all egg-laying habitats of mosquitoes like open and stagnant water source are cleaned up. Are you aware of these innovative ways to keep your home mosquito free?
  • If there are any open water sources you cannot eliminate, cover them and apply appropriate insecticides.
  • Use protection such as window screens, long-sleeved clothes, and insecticide-treated materials, coils and vaporizers.


Since infected mosquitoes, bite during the day, it is advisable to use a mosquito repellent cream while stepping out, especially in endemic areas.

  • Use repellants within the house and use them as per the recommendations on the packaging.
  • Keep all water reservoirs like buckets, small tubs, mugs etc. covered at all times. It is essential to empty out all the containers regularly and wash them well.
  • Declutter your home and air our all the rooms once a day. Remember to close all your windows and doors by mid morning.
  • If you have too many mosquitos in your area, ask your area municipal corporation to get the area sprayed to rid it of mosquitoes.

Finally, what you need to remember is that if you experience symptoms like fever, joint pain, malaise, fatigue and vomiting make sure you visit a doctor at the earliest. Do not self-medicate because it could be something more serious.

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