37-year-old Nigerian woman gets new lease of life at Jaypee Hospital

Jaypee Hospital has once again excelled in performing a critical surgery. A Nigerian woman receives a new life.

A team of doctors from Neurosurgery and Interventional Radiology Department of Jaypee Hospital have once again excelled in performing a critical surgery. The team comprised of five doctors was led by Dr. C.P.S Chauhan, Associate Director, Radiology and Interventional Radiology Department. The management of Jaypee hospital too redefined their service towards humanity by treating the patient at a very minimal cost as the lady was not in a condition to afford the cost of the treatment. Explaining about the disease Dr. C.P.S Chauhan said, The patient had Bilateral Internal Carotid Artery Aneurysm (ICA Aneurysm). In this disease, a balloon like out pouching of blood vessels is formed in the brain and the diseased has a significant risk of brain hemorrhage. In case, if the aneurysm gets ruptured it could result in the death of the patient. In most of the cases, patients are brought to the hospital after the aneurysm is already busted and by that time it s already very late. This lady was fortunate enough that she got to know about this disease before. She had two aneurysm of 20 mm size in her brain. Due to the aneurysm, a continuous pressure was exerted on the nerves of her brain because of which she always had a problem of headache and was slowly losing her eye-sight. Senior Neurosurgeon Dr. Dinesh Ratnani, Jaypee Hospital informed that The disease with which the patient was suffering is a very critical disease. The surgery done for this involves many risks. If anything in the surgery goes wrong the patient can lose his/ her eyesight completely. The patient can also get paralysed along with many other risk factors. So, the surgery involved many risks but we were confident that it will be successful as the team had performed such critical surgeries before as well.

After the patient came to Jaypee hospital, the team of doctors did a proper study of the case and reached to a mutual agreement of treating the patient through Interventional Radiology. Earlier doctors decided to treat both the aneurysm one by one but later on due to technical reasons both the aneurysm were treated together which took around 4 hours. Explaining the procedure undertaken during the surgery, Dr. C.P.S Chauhan said, In Interventional Radiology technique we reached brain through the thighs arteries and then performed the surgery. A flow diverter was put across the neck of aneurysm in the brain so that the blood flow doesn t reach the aneurysm. The aneurysm was partially filled with coils as well. This is one of the major causes of brain haemorrhage in people who have normal blood pressure , he added. After the surgery, Aishat expressed her emotions saying, Jaypee Hospital has given me a new life. When I got to know that I have this disease and was advised by the doctors to visit India for its treatment, I got afraid of the complications of the disease, its treatment and the cost of it but after coming to Jaypee Hospital all my doubts were answered. The doctors gave me the confidence that I can easily get operated and lead a normal life. The hospital also took care of the cost of my treatment and I am really thankful to them for this as I was not in a condition to afford the treatment cost. Patients from countries like Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa etc. come for treatment at Jaypee Hospital on regular basis. (Read: New brain aneurysm treatment ensures faster recovery)

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