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3 reasons women get upset after drinking white wine

Written by Agencies |Published : January 4, 2015 2:39 PM IST

London, Jan 4: There's a reason why women get upset and depressed after drinking white wine. According to researchers at the University of Missouri - Columbia, white wine contains ingredients that cause women to get upset

White wine and women -- what's the connection?

White wine contains more sulphites: Experts suggest that white wine contains more sulphites than the red wine and sulphites have been linked with drinking blues and depression as well as a host of other ailments from allergies to headaches. While sulphites are naturally found in grapes, small amounts of sulphur are added prior to fermentation, as a preservative, to keep the freshness and remove unwanted yeasts and bacteria, Daily Mail reported. (Read: Just 4 glasses of wine enough to make you sick!)

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White wine contains more sugar: White wine also contains up to 10 times more sugar than red, according to Britain's Food Standards Agency.

Women react faster to alcohol: Women also react more quickly to alcohol, found Sarah Jarvis, the medical adviser to the charity Drinkaware, adding that this may be the reason behind women tending to suffer worse hangovers. Here are some natural remedies for hangovers that really work.

According to researchers at the University of Missouri - Columbia, not only did women turn drunk faster, but their hangover symptoms were more severe -- even though they drank the same amount as men did. Here's why alcohol is bad for your liver.

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